5 Tips To Create A Beautiful Entryway

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Entryways are hard to style in my opinion. Large ones can feel overwhelming and small ones can feel cramped. In our case, we had no defined entryway. Our light-blocking front door opened right into our living room with no separation and no pause before you entered the rest of the house. I just plopped an antique hall tree down and called it good. It was not good. See below…

Old Entry way

I knew with the remodel I wanted to create the illusion of an entryway without breaking up our open concept. By using a half wall with open air columns we were able to delicately define the entryway from what is now our dining room. It allows light to enter and fill the entire space while keeping it completely opened up.

Here are 5 practical tips in helping you create a beautiful entryway:

1. Find the light

Find ways to bring more light into the space. Paint the entryway a lighter color or use reflective materials like mirrors or large frames on the wall to catch more light. Swap out heavy drapes for soft linen curtains that allow light to peek through, or use no drapes at all. Lastly. consider a front door with windows. It makes a HUGE difference in any size entry space. It will feel bigger, brighter, and will seem so much more inviting. 

2. Keep it light and airy

 I knew I needed a console table to ground this area as a space but I was limited by how far the door could open. Check out this great table I found on Amazon for under $60! It had the perfect dimensions, it gave me that open feeling I was looking for, and its clean lines allow for seamless seasonal decor change. 

2018-08-13 21.06.08

3. It’s all in the details

 Add pieces that show a little personality.  I’m a decorative pineapple fan. They mean ‘Welcome’ and in my opinion are a perfect entryway greeting for friends and family. I also added stacked books and for fun, a little golden wishbone that sends my guests a sweet good luck good-bye 🙂 All of which I got at Spruce. To fill in the space below I used a weaved basket and a herringbone blanket which warms up the space while covering up an unsightly outlet.  

4. Create Balance

Do you notice how there are two tall pieces on each end of the table? There is similarity in the height and in the color of the vase and the lamp. The sprawling greenery gives texture and life to the entire look. Sidenote: I’m pro faux plants. Just be sure to buy good quality faux and you will be surprised how great they look in your space! I bought all of mine at The Painted Sofa in the West Bottoms. Their stock is great and one of my favorite places for awesome home-decor finds.

The Botanical prints I have below completely steal the show. I love the contrast of the dark prints on top and lite bright accents on the table below. 

2018-08-13 20.49.18

I can’t even believe this is the same room!

Entry way

One challenge I had was to find a way to create several spaces in one room that didn’t compete with each other. The botanical prints are one of my favorite pieces I’ve collected to date and I think that it gives me exactly the feel I was aiming for. 

2018-08-13 20.59.29

I wanted this little reading nook to be functional and a continuation of the entryway. I can’t tell you how many times we use this space to put on our shoes or have a quiet moment while my daughter is napping.

You will notice I used the same technique of using two taller pieces (the standing lamp and greenery) on either side of the grounding piece (the chair) to create balance. (Side table from The Painted Sofa)

2018-08-13 21.01.52

5. Add something unexpected

 Like in the entry way I used whites, greens and gold for my palet but added this blue and white Jar for an unexpect pop of color. 

2018-08-13 21.10.15

So there you have it! Five ways to make a beautiful and inviting entryway. Comment below with some of your tips, I would love to read them.

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    1. Thank you!! We used Wisteria from Sherman Williams for our living room/Dinning room and Kitchen walls. I love how the color changes a little throughout the day. Never too green or blue. It’s a very calming color.

  1. This is all so beautiful!! I love it. I can’t wait to keep reading. I want more and more and more. You are so talented!

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