So it happened, we finally finished our house. We bought this two bedroom sweet little ranch just over seven years ago. I remember Will (my husband, he’s hilarious and will be all up in these posts) and I walking in here for the first time. We were married just a little over a year and had recently moved back home to Kansas from our big California adventure. The sting of the move was still raw but the search for a new home in an area we could actually afford made it so much easier to tolerate. This house was lucky number 30, the last and final house that our realtor had shown us.  We both fell in love immediately, we were sold! Sure it needed some work but that’s why I loved it. It had some serious potential on a great lot and the cherry on top it was at the end of a cul de sac. It was the perfect house for our 24 year old selves.

Then suddenly we were 30. With an eighteen month old daughter Blythe who is for sure the best human we know. The most amazing, sweetest little agitated person ever made. You know toddlers… I guess you could say she was what gave us our push to go ahead with the renovation. Even though I had always wanted to design and make this house work for us it was all of her stuff that ultimately made us realize we no longer had anywhere to sit. Thank you B!

Fastforward and here we are, three months home after an eight month long reno. That’s where this blog picks up. It’s a very significant time in my life I would have to say. I’ve been a wife and a mom long enough at this point to feel confident to tread the waters in juggling a passion outside of my family. I’m really excited about it! You see, what i’ve realize over these eight months is that this experience changed me somehow. No other work in my life has fulfilled me the way that designing and styling rooms has. The best part of all? I wouldn’t call it work. It’s my outlet from my day to day. It allows me to still be home with my daughter (my greatest passion) in addition to giving me something of my very own which I’m realizing is something I’ve desperately needed.

So here it is. House of Palmers, my second little baby. Here you can see what inspired me for our house renovation, where I shop, and tips on how to style your space, entertain in it, and places you can go to get inspired too. I hope you enjoy 🙂