5 Tips To Create A Beautiful Entryway

Melissa PalmerStyling Tips

Entryways are hard to style in my opinion. Large ones can feel overwhelming and small ones can feel cramped. In our case, we had no defined entryway. Our light-blocking front door opened right into our living room with no separation and no pause before you entered the rest of the house. I just plopped an antique hall tree down and … Read More

Time to “Spruce”

Melissa PalmerWhere I Shop

So there’s this sweet little shop called Spruce just a short walk from my house in old Leawood. I can tell you it’s always worth every step to get there for it’s inspiration and it’s inventory. I’ve been here several times and I always find something(s) to take home. (I’ve actually learned to just drive so I can get all … Read More

A Pretty Place To Lay Our Heads

Melissa PalmerStyling Tips

I’ve been dreaming about this room for a while. Will and I have had at least 5 bedrooms in our 11 years together in various houses/apartments, none of which felt anything but functional. I remember our first apartment together. We were so hard up for cash having just moved to California that we slept on an air mattress for six … Read More

Weeknight Entertaining Made Easy

Melissa PalmerEntertaining

We entertain a lot. It’s just something we love to do, and not just on the weekends. For us it’s relaxing to have the people we love over to break up the monotony of the week. Weeknight entertaining might sound overwhelming but when we’re talking happy hour it can be thrown together in under 20 minutes with a little creativity … Read More

Curb appeal, She Just Needed Love

Melissa PalmerStyling Tips

Here she is, our 1950’s ranch that had more hidden potential than I even realized. This house was good looking enough before but it was flat and none of its features were highlighted. The entrance was almost hidden and the windows looked more like enclosures. The idea of a white house (White Dove) with black (Tricorn Black) accents made me … Read More