Apartment Envy

If my husband would agree to have pink, white and gold in every room in our house it would be. This is why I can’t even begin to tell you how happy decorating my friend’s sophisticated girly apartment made me.

My friend Katie recently moved into a new place. She travels for work and even though she would deny it, she has one of those glamorous jobs that takes her to New York City practically every week. She wanted a comfortable and girly space that makes her sacred days at home feel like a get-away from all of those swanky Manhattan hotels she sleeps in most nights… Rough life. (Don’t mind me, Katie. It’s just your stay at home mom friend momentarily envying your fabulous jet setting career life… TAKE ME WITH YOU!)

That’s my girl, Katie! She’s laughing at her own joke she made about this shot, calling it “House of lies” because I asked her to laugh for the picture. She’s one of my sassier friends. 😉

This space just makes me so happy. I love how bright, cheerful and fun it turned out.

Katie wanted a shorter entertainment stand for under her TV. After searching endlessly, she actually found this one on Wayfair. Unfortunately, this piece is currently out of stock but you can find a similar piece here.

Fresh flowers in a pretty vase will always brighten a space up. Since Katie isn’t home often enough to keep flowers like these alive I found some small succulents and a faux fern that will happily greet her no matter how long she’s gone. I added a pedestal stand, candles, books, and a few personal pieces to help this space pop.

I love to move things around. Here’s another look I put together with some other items around Katie’s apartment.

This chair was my very first purchase for this project and you wouldn’t believe that I found it at Hobby Lobby… on Sale! Everything else in this little nook came from HomeGoods including that amazing framed weaved cloth Circle.

Just me moving things around again, playing with all of the pretty light.

We searched high and low for a gray couch that wouldn’t take twelve weeks to be delivered. I sent Katie to Macy’s and they had this beauty in her apartment three days later. I’ve sent three other friends to the Macy’s home store since and all of them have found exactly what they were looking for, for an affordable price and their furniture was delivered a few days after purchase. I suggest you check them out if you’re in the market for furniture.

The Standing lamp and end tables are from Target. The picture ledge is from Pottery Barn, the pillows, throws, wooden platter, vase, and that amazingly soft and cozy rug are all from HomeGoods. We filled the frames we bought from Ikea with Black and white photos Katie has taken on her travels.

I always like to add a pop of something unexpected. This blue bowl from HomeGoods made a perfect centerpiece for Katie’s coffee table after I added a few flowers. Speaking of the coffee table, this one is from Target and I love it!

This picture of Katie’s Grandma makes me smile. Personal photos of family and friends make any space feel like home.

There you have it! Katie’s very girly, very sophisticated, very “I’m adulting!” apartment. I’m so proud of this girl. She works so hard in her career and she deserves all the happiness in the world. I loved creating a space that makes her feel like the “Queen” that she is. I love you, friend!

My hilarious girls doing what they do best. Enjoying life! Lucky to have them. <3

Until next time,


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