My Stop at Serena & Lily Dallas

I was saving this post for a time when spring felt like it was in the foreseeable future. Since that’s apparently not going to happen I thought I would use it for cabin fever therapy, to reminisce on my visit to the brand new Dallas Serena & Lily brick and mortar, and to gush over their new spring collection.

You could say that I have some serious love for this brand. I kid you not, this might be one of the most beautiful stores I have ever been in to. Every inch is styled to the nines. This incredible indoor/outdoor furniture has me thinking my patio needs a complete overhaul.

This collection of pendents is what dreams are made of.

I love their Bohemian Coastal Chic style. It’s equally fun and sophisticated. As you can see this was my happy place: the Capistrano Daybed I love the shape so much that I’m currently thinking about their similar Avalon Daybed for my daughter Blythe’s Big Girl room. Stay tuned!

These Sling Tassel Chairs are some of my favorites from the new collection.

Yeah, I’m going to need you two to come with me…

These paintings were done by Serena herself.

Total show stopper.

I wish I knew about their baby room collections when I designed Blythe’s. Apparently, nursery decor was their bread and butter in the beginning and I can now see why.

How sweet is this little nursery? This chandelier!

Their tabletop decor is even prettier in person. I wanted to take home everything on these shelves.

I almost couldn’t leave that gorgeous charcuterie board on the left and I mean literally. I bought this piece but TSA confiscated it on our flight home because it resembled a cricket bat and could be used as a club… I contemplated renting a car and driving it back to Kansas. My husband helped me out of my hysteria, a few tears may have been shed 🙂

I just thought this little guy was cute.

I didn’t notice how anatomically correct it was until I started editing!

What I like most about S & L is that their pieces are timeless and the quality is unmatched. I’m all for bargain shopping but when you’re looking for foundational pieces in your home, a table to gather around, a rug to play on with your babies or even bar stools that unintentionally double as a step ladder for your grandkids while you bake together, I think it’s not only important to buy quality but I think it’s smart.

In the long run, you’re spending less because these pieces will stand the test of time and the destructive nature of toddlers. Being that I’m in the thick of toddler life over here, I can attest to the durability. Here are some of the pieces I have in my house, all of which look like new after almost a year of daily use.

This rug is probably one of my favorite S & L Purchases. It’s weaved fibers hides spills so well.
I like the shades of blue they use in these Bainbridge and Alsworth Pillow covers. These were just what I was looking for, such a calming bedroom pallet. I enjoy them so much that I bought the larger size for our dining room. (See in Captian Chairs above)
These chairs are easy to clean which is really important to me. We paint, use play dough, cook and eat in these, etc. so durability is high on the priority list.
Same goes for these beauties.

So yes, I have some serious love for Serena and Lily. Their coastal vibe reminds me of our time living in California and honestly, it just makes me happy. Now, who wants to sign my petetion for a Kansas City location?!?

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