A Pretty Place To Lay Our Heads

I’ve been dreaming about this room for a while. Will and I have had at least 5 bedrooms in our 11 years together in various houses/apartments, none of which felt anything but functional. I remember our first apartment together. We were so hard up for cash having just moved to California that we slept on an air mattress for six months. We were young so we didn’t care and incredibly neither did our bodies. Ah, to be young again. We were nearly thrown back into that experience when the renovations on our house began. In efforts to try and save some money we rented a two bedroom apartment knowing we actually needed three. One for B, one for us, and one for Will’s office since he works from home. First you should know Will is in sales and he’s really good at his job. At least he must be because about 2 hours after we moved out of our house and into our apartment I found myself sitting on our bed in the what-should-be dining room. Perhaps his plan all along? …So yeah I’ve been dreaming about this room for a while. 

I’ve noticed that in the past our room was always the last room we thought of. This is the first time we have ever had bedroom furniture that wasn’t a piece that either of us grew up with. Even though it isn’t completely finished, I so look forward to spending time here at the end of the day. I wanted a space that both Will and I could come to and feel relaxed, not too masculine and not too feminine. Pretty but cozy too.

I’m still working on my camera skills so be kind. Our night stands are actually the same color but look more like the one to the right of the bed. They are from Restoration Hardware and are exactly what we were looking for. Since we both like clean and tidy end tables it’s great to have storage space to keep remotes and books.

Let’s talk about the “fuzz ball” as Will describes it above our bed. This is an African JuJu Hat and I’m obsessed with it. It’s feathers and it’s fabulous. This space was craving some texture and I think the JuJu hat and the tufted headboard give this room a little life. Did you know Costco sold headboards? I was unaware until I came across this one and I’ve got to say that the quality is wow, I love it. You can get it here.

I’m a blue girl, through and through. Serena and Lily does it again. Their pillows are perfection, enough said.

Window seats just make a room feel so inviting don’t you think? They seem to say “Come on over”. I’m still on a mission to find the perfect bench seat cushion. I will keep you posted. I went for white linen Roman Shades for the windows treatments and I couldn’t be happier. You can find them here.

Will won the quintessential married couple debate of TV or no TV in the bedroom. I was against it for so long but now that I’ve gotten used to it, it’s actually fantastic. Try it out, you might surprise yourself with how much Bravo you watch in bed on any given night.

I had my eyes on this dresser for years. It doesn’t look it in the picture but it’s huge and as beautiful as I’d hope it to be. We chose the dresser first and decided to go with the night stands as well because they are just so pretty together.

(Here’s a sneak of the bathroom, thats for another post but I sure do enjoy waking up to that view.)

Like I said before, I hate clutter. I prefer pretty, clean and functional dresser decor. I love this sweet little jewelry holder I found at TJ Maxx. Actually almost all of the dresser decor I found at TJ’s. Love that place!

So there you have it guys, a little oasis for us. I’m off to enjoy this very room.

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  1. I am a Kansas City gal (Lenexa) and I was wondering about the gold fixture I see in your bathroom. I am looking for this type of hardware for my bathroom. Can u tell me where you got it and the model of it? Thanks in advance so much ?

  2. I love this! I can do TJ Maxx, I’m feeling inspired 🙂 thanks for the tips!

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