“Fall” in love with The Painted Sofa

Is anyone else ready for fall? This Kansas heat has really started to mess with my head and to be honest, I can’t take much more of it. I need sweaters, boots, hot coffee and can we please for the love of cold weather enter socially-accepted soup season?! (Every season is soup season in my book). Even though we may have a month or so left of steamy days, I can always find an escape in retail shops where they are already stocking up on Halloween and Fall decorations.

This past week I visited The Painted Sofa and came home with some great pictures of their new fall goodies. What I stumbled upon during my visit would make any “Fall” loving person baby clap with glee.

Before we get too deep into my visit let me tell you a little about The Painted Sofa. It’s an incredible THREE story home decor wonderland in the West Bottoms of Kansas City. For those not familiar with KC, the West Bottoms is a historic industrial area west of Downtown with dozens of tall 100-year-old brick manufacturing buildings that have been revitalized into these unique independently-owned antique and home design shops. Think Disney Land for adults who love home decor. Yippie!

The Painted Sofa, like most of the shops, is a family-owned business that started when Jenna, one of two owners, began selling her stuff at a friend’s house. She would actually invite members of the community over to buy whatever pieces she had set on display. Soon, word got around and they became too big. Her next move would be to rent a stall in another retailer’s space in the West Bottoms area and within just a few years that space became too small as well. She finally landed in this three-story building with her now business partner Lynn, the future looks incredibly bright for their famed space! There are only ten members of her team that keep The Painted Sofa running like a well-oiled machine. Tables upon tables of the sweetest, prettiest and most original decor I’ve seen. Jenna’s trained eye in home design really shows the second you walk in.

I love this little table below. The pages on the back wall, the candelabra, the crow, and creepy crawly spiders. She spared no attention to detail.

“Hi! Yes, I will take one of everything, please!” Couldn’t you just imagine these beautiful humungous lanterns on your front porch filled with pumpkins and fall branches?! Can we also talk about the chandeliers in the back right corner? (Quick, who can help me make a salivating face with punctuation?)

If these chairs don’t say “scooch some of these sweet soft pumpkins over and come sit on me” then I don’t know what does. This mustard color is what I am thinking for fall decor in my own home.

Halloween and Fall overload! I left with a lot of what I was looking for but, of course, several things I just couldn’t pass up. I love how they create an entire scene to really get you in the mood for doing some serious Halloween and fall decor shopping.

Just looking at this photo gives me so many ideas. I like how they mixed metals with wood tones and used reds, yellows, and blues to really punch up their display.

Here’s a little tip: many times when you’re shopping in places like these the displays are designed by a trained eye so if you like one piece out of the entire look, take a mental note of what else they paired with it and use the same type of styling with colors and height variance in your own home. You know it will look good to others if it caught your eye.

I just love these little display jars. What an easy way to punch up the style of your holiday decor. I bought two of these because they are so versatile no matter what the season.

For those of you who aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer just yet don’t worry, The Painted Sofa has plenty for you as well. Like these incredible chandeliers. Some I’ve seen on websites that I found to be at a better price point at The Painted Sofa.

I love the color and shape of this one, so unique!

Baskets on Baskets on Baskets.

This shelf and everything on it reminds me of the elements I have in our living room.

So here’s the craziest part of the whole deal: this is only a tiny portion of The Painted Sofa. These pictures are mostly of just the first floor! You have got to go check this place out. It’s so much fun to walk around, get ideas, and leave with everything on your list and several more fun finds you didn’t even know you were looking for.

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  2. Thank you for visiting!! We had such a fun time chatting with you!! ❤️ The Painted Sofa Team

  3. I see a MIL/DIL shopping trip here in the near future. Not to rush the seasons but Christmas must be incredible here! Loved learning about it in your blog.

  4. Wow! What an amazing store! Melissa, you have such a great eye and you have really found your calling here. Love this blog!

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