Going “Batty” for this Halloween Mantel

Since I was little my birthday has always marked the end of summer for me. Well, today is that day and let me tell you it just doesn’t get any better than Fall in Kansas. This fall is particularly exciting for us. Our daughter Blythe is two and a half now and is completely aware of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Holy Grail- Christmas. She talks about trick-or-treating and looks up into our fireplace asking when Santa is coming from the North Pole. Naturally, I want to make these holidays extremely memorable for her. Since this is the first Halloween for her in our recently renovated house, I knew I wanted to decorate early and aggressively for this fun spooky holiday.

For many years Halloween has been loud and in your face with color at our house, which can be lots of fun. However, this year I opted for white, black, silver and gold to create a Fun Spooky Chic look.

“Fricken Bats. I love Halloween.”

I can thank my daughter for the skeletons in this vignette. She’s a fan of the movie Coco, and even though she has only seen it twice, it must have made an impression on her. While we were shopping at Michaels she kept picking up every skeleton she could find and would talk to it as if it were the characters in the movie. We settled on this guy. We also got the pumpkins, spell book, black candles, and paper Bats at Michaels.

A few weeks back when I visited the painted sofa I picked up these amazing glittered newspaper pumpkins, the silver vase, orange flowers, and the Black Crow. The black glittery branches are also from The Painted Sofa.

I love the way this circle Mirror gives the impression that it’s a full moon.

There you have it. My Halloween mantel that our family will be enjoying for weeks to come.

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