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  • Fancy Nancy Inspired Birthday Tea Party

    Fancy Nancy Inspired Birthday Tea Party

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    Our daughter Blythe turned three this past week. It’s so true what they say, the days are long but the years are short. I’m almost in disbelief that I have a three-year-old. She’s grown so fast and watching her become a little person has been the highlight of our lives. …Read More »
  • Live evergreen Wreath-Making Class

    Live evergreen Wreath-Making Class

    The class I had been waiting for has come and gone and I have the most beautiful photos (Thank you Staci!) and a pretty impressive wreath to show for it. The night was just what I hoped it would be, in large part to these very talented ladies. This is …Read More »
  • Holiday entertaining

    Holiday entertaining

    It’s that time of year. Its the holiday season and entertaining is ongoing from the end of October to the beginning of the New year. Just in case you were already over-using your go-to wine and cheese board (guilty!), I wanted to share some of my other favorite entertaining recipes. First up, Spinach …Read More »
  • Going “Batty” for this Halloween Mantel

    Going “Batty” for this Halloween Mantel

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    Since I was little my birthday has always marked the end of summer for me. Well, today is that day and let me tell you it just doesn’t get any better than Fall in Kansas. This fall is particularly exciting for us. Our daughter Blythe is two and a half …Read More »