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  • Going “Batty” for this Halloween Mantel

    Going “Batty” for this Halloween Mantel

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    Since I was little my birthday has always marked the end of summer for me. Well, today is that day and let me tell you it just doesn’t get any better than Fall in Kansas. This fall is particularly exciting for us. Our daughter Blythe is two and a half …Read More »
  • “Fall” in love with The Painted Sofa

    “Fall” in love with The Painted Sofa

    Is anyone else ready for fall? This Kansas heat has really started to mess with my head and to be honest, I can’t take much more of it. I need sweaters, boots, hot coffee and can we please for the love of cold weather enter socially-accepted soup season?! (Every season …Read More »
  • Brunch Punch Love

    Brunch Punch Love

    You should probably know that I have a deep love for brunch. I mean, who doesn’t like brunch?! You’ve got coffee, cocktails, breakfast foods, friends, and family all wrapped up in the happiest two-hour little package. Brunch entertaining is relatively new to me. For some reason, before we had kids, …Read More »
  • 5 Tips To Create A Beautiful Entryway

    5 Tips To Create A Beautiful Entryway

    Entryways are hard to style in my opinion. Large ones can feel overwhelming and small ones can feel cramped. In our case, we had no defined entryway. Our light-blocking front door opened right into our living room with no separation and no pause before you entered the rest of the …Read More »